More Than An Apartment Space: Explore Metro 67’s Venues!


For years, many people have looked at Metro 67 as a premier place to live. It wasn't until they walked through the door that they were opened up to more than just an apartment space. What else does Metro 67 have to offer? Whether you're a caterer, event planner or one who just likes to entertain lots of friends & family, Metro 67 has event and guest … [Read more...]

Hire Draper’s Catering this Football Season!

Draper's Catering this Football Season

The best way to marry the different venue spaces in Metro 67 is with superbly prepared food and catering. With the upcoming Fall Football season, there will be a lot of tailgating and sports gatherings to look forward to. We already assume our residents have been nominated to play host--living in such a prime location--so we know your hands will be … [Read more...]

Gather ‘Round The PunchBowl at Metro 67’s Summer Bash 2011!

Metro 67 Memphis TN

Metro 67-ers, Okay we brag and boast about our rooftop apartments and accessibility all the time. So much, that we think it's time to show rather than tell. We invite everyone to experience it for themselves at our Summer Bash 2011: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 • 7 - 10 PM Hosted by Metro 67 Office Staff 10th Floor Rooftop 67Madison Avenue Memphis, TN … [Read more...]

Make Plans To Cruise The Mississippi on Memphis Riverboats!

Memphis Riverboats

Many times, we can hang out on the Metro 67 rooftop or look out our windows to views of the Mississippi River--it's the perfect backdrop to sunset dinners and occasional quiet time. Residents can get even more of such a view on the Memphis Riverboats. Only a 3 minute walk to the location on 45 S Riverside Dr, residents can take a leisurely stroll to … [Read more...]