Tennessee Titans: 2010 Fantasy Football Prospects

So you want to try your hand at this fantasy football thing this season and you’re preparing for your leagues draft (most leagues will have their draft within the week before the start of the NFL season on Sept. 9)  Chances are that you’re probably a Tennessee Titans fan too, right?  And who wouldn’t want on of their teams players to root for on their fantasy team? 

Here are a few Titans players to keep in mind on draft day… 

Getting Chris Johnson on your roster is like hitting the fantasy football lottery!

RB Chris Johnson
Last year, Johnson had a career season.  He became only the sixth running back in NFL history to top 2,000 yards rushing (finishing with a total of 2,006). He also added 503 receiving yards, and his 2,509 combined total was the most yards from scrimmage in NFL history.  He will be the first pick in the first round of probably 99.999% of fantasy football leagues this season.  Expect him to top 2,000 total yards and maintain a touchdown–per-game average. 

QB Vince Young
Although he played well last year, the fact that the Titans are a defensive oriented team that likes to run the ball on offense (see Chris Johnson) doesn’t bode well for Young’s projected numbers.  As people recall his flashes of brilliance on draft day, he’ll probably get picked up before he should be.  Take him in the late rounds if you need a back-up QB.  He has a lot of upside, but don’t expect big Drew Brees type numbers. 

WR Kenny Britt
Britt is coming off a decent rookie season with over 700 yards.  However, he only had three touchdowns.  Expect Britt’s red zone targets to increase in 2010, and look for him to become more assertive in going after balls.  Look for him in the 7th or 8th round if you need a back-up receiver. 

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