The Harahan Bridge Project Works To Give Cyclists Space in Memphis

The Harahan Bridge over the Mississippi at sunset.

The Harahan Bridge is currently known to many as "the old bridge," but could become known as the walkway.

If you’re an avid cycler in the Memphis area, chances are that you’e heard of the Greater Memphis Greenline, Inc. efforts. The Greater Memphis Greenline works to provide more multi-use trails, including trails for cyclists, around the Memphis area, allowing for more green space to stay and for hikers, cyclists, and others to get out and enjoy more of Memphis in a healthy and fun way.

One of the projects in the works and in conjunction with Greater Memphis Greenline, Inc. is the Harahan Bridge Project. The Bridge was constructed in 1916 and use for auto traffic until 1949. Now, people are working to make this bridge a walk way over the Mississippi River, one that walkers and cycles could all enjoy. The bridge has the roadbeds remaining from when it supported auto traffic to use for the cyclist and walkers, and to help the bridge to become part of a grand plan to have a walking trail that crosses borders.

What do you think of the idea for the Harahan Project?

Photo credited to Chris Wieland.

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  1. Todd Steele says:

    As someone that cycles for exercise in downtown at lunch time, riding across the river has always been of interest to me. There is actually a sidewalk on the south side ofthe 55 bridge, but I’m not brave enough to try it. Plus, there’s nothing on the other side to take you into West Memphis. This project has the chance to connect the cities like days of yore.


  2. Emma Hood says:

    Have memories of riding across the bridge as a child. My Mom walked across many times to visit friends in Arkansas as a child and had a harrowing experience when she was dared to hang off the bridge and had to be pulled back up.

    Would love to be able to walk across myself and experience the feeling men had while building it. Watched as it was painted many years ago.

    My Dad and I walked our dog and let him swim in the river while the “new” bridge was being built back in the late 40’s or early 50’s. We lived in Ft. Pickering when I was young. Great idea to refurbish a landmark to benefit others.

  3. skellner says:

    Thank you for sharing those wonderful memories! We think refurbishing the bridge is a great idea as well.

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